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Ben Bridgen is a composer, a multi instrumentalist (piano, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals), an arranger and a sound engineer. An Englishman abroad, whose native culture influences his spontaneous, self-taught and creative way of making music,  setting him apart from his French counterparts. He has produced more than 25 albums of original music, of which he is often the composer, or co-composer and arranger. His curiosity for new discoveries, and his love for music in all its forms mean that he doesn’t place restrictions on styles or influences, so he has worked in genres as diverse as French pop music with a string quartet, West Indian dancehall, not to mention pop rock, Latin American music, hip-hop, Malagasy music, punk, rock, even “musette”, traditional French accordion based songs. All of the above with great sensitivity, great passion, and very high standards.

He has also amassed considerable experience as a composer for multimedia, whether producing complete radio sound identities and jingles, music for television published by EMI, or collaborating on recording, advertising, and events. He has also done voice-over work for trailers and jingles, as well as occasionally singing for cartoons. Since 2018 he has been working with the parisian music publisher Cézame on creating new music for their catalogue.

In 2022 Ben joined the contemporary dance company Le Collectif Mordu as resident composer and musician. Their first collaborative show "La fable de l'autruche" is touring now, and there is a new production planned in 2024 which will involve music being created and performed live on stage.

At the moment he plays blues and New Orleans swing on stage with Denis Agenet and the Nolapsters, as well as contributing to their album "Peace of Land". He also works as an accompanist for amateur French singers with the Trafic d'Airs company. In 2023 he had the opportunity to be part of a touring backing band for Chicago Blues singer Joey J Saye, and he has been stepping in on keys for the band Bo Weavil. In the past he has played with many other bands and projects, such as Chernobilly Boogie, Bouskidou, among many others, and has been known occasionally to present his own music to an audience, although all too fleetingly.

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